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As of 2011, the CDC reported that about 25 percent of Americans over 65 have lost all their teeth, and about 58 percent of Americans over 50 have fewer than 21 teeth. If you’ve been considering your treatment options when it comes to replacing missing teeth, then you might be thinking about dental implants. Dr. James Karam and his team here in Warren, MI, have helped patients regain healthy, gorgeous smiles again with the help of dental implants. If you're considering implants, here's what you should know.

Dental Implants | Dentist In Warren, MI | James J. Karam, DDS

Dental Implants Are Built to Last
Since dental implants are surgically embedded into the jawbone, they act similarly to a tooth’s root. While dentures and bridges can replace a missing tooth, they certainly don’t become a permanent part of your mouth like implants can. After the implant is inserted into the jawbone, the first few months of healing bring about a natural phenomenon known as osseointegration in which the tissues and bones grow and fuse with the titanium implant. This provides a sturdy and reliable structure on which to support a dental crown. Implants are crafted from the highest-quality and most durable material so that they can last you a lifetime.

Implants Promise Less Upkeep
Would you be more intrigued by what implants offered if we told you that they also can be treated just like real teeth? That’s right; implants don’t require special care. All you have to do is brush and floss them every day, treating them the same way you do your natural teeth. There’s no need to remove them or to clean them with special solutions. They also stay permanently in your mouth, even when you sleep. Plus, implants require less maintenance over the years. Sure, our dental team will need to replace your implant crown every decade or two, but the implant itself won’t require regular adjustments like other tooth replacements do.

Implants Stimulate Bone Growth
When we lose teeth we also deal with jawbone loss. This is turn causes our face to look older than it is, as it gives cheeks a sunken appearance. However, dental implants fill out the face to give you a younger look, and they also prevent bone loss and stimulate bone growth. This is the only cosmetic dental procedure that actually does this. It’s the titanium used in the implant that actually promotes the growth of new bone cells.

Want to sit down with Dr. Karam and his team to learn more about dental implants? Don’t let tooth loss take over your life. Call our Warren, MI, dental office today at (586) 751-3100 to schedule your consultation.

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